I love Rails Console. If there is anything wrong with my Rails application, I can simply fire the console, and debug from there. Rails makes the query to db very simple and elegant by providing us the ActiveRecord. However, sometimes you may want to know the underlying raw sql statement being sent to the database to see if there is any problem. Especially your rails app is being quite slow, you may want to check if this could be the problem.

So you know that under development mode, the log would print out the raw sql statements executed. What about Rails Console. By default, if you typed in any code that queries the database, it would simply return the objects back to you. You can do the following in order to show the raw sql statements:

Immediately after you have entered Rails Console, typed in the following code in console:

ActiveRecord::Base.logger = Logger.new(STDOUT)

After that, it should print out the sql queries.

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